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Red Fern celebrated its 5th Anniversary Season with American Theatre Magazine naming us as “one to watch!”



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RFTC Developmental Week Line-up

The week of September 15-21 Red Fern will host as many readings of new plays as we possibly can in our home down at the 14th Street Y. We hope you will join us for any or all of them. Come see what the future of Red Fern could be. The website will be continuously updated with information on each of the readings as it becomes available.

To reserve free tickets, email

All readings are at 7pm (unless otherwise noted) and will be held at the Theater at the 14th Street Y located at 344 East 14th Street on the 2nd floor.

Monday, September 15 @7pm

By Kate Bell
Directed by Christopher Diercksen

Floyd Toone's death brought no peace. Even before they can get him in the ground, his sister Lona and niece Darla discover that his house has been broken into. But Floyd's house is not the only thing broken into or just broken in this family. A funny and touching play about coming out (and staying in the closet) in Texas, and how the right music and the right moves can keep you strong even when it's your heart that's breaking.

Tuesday, September 16 @7pm

By Heidi Armbruster
Directed by Dominic D'Andrea

Allie, a Food Writer in NYC, is determined to find authenticity in a world of internet dating, baby shower crafting, and journalistic in-fighting. But when she takes on the Local Food Movement, she finds herself on the wrong side of an epic food fight. She escapes the city for her father's dairy farm, but soon comes to realize that the battle is more personal than she ever imagined.

Wednesday, September 17: Dark

Thursday, September 18 @7:30pm

By Joslyn Housley-McLaughlin
Directed by Sandra A. Daley-Sharif

1845. Alabama. An ambitious doctor works tirelessly on medical research that will change women's health forever...but at what cost to the lives of the Black slaves he uses as guinea pigs? Based on a true story.

Friday, September 19 @7pm

By Tim Plaehn
Directed by Julie Foh

After shooting herself in the foot, Abby looks for a reason to live at the end of her aimless twenties. While crashing at his buddy's place, T-Rex hatches a plan to Golf Across America. When their paths intersect, everything changes.

Saturday, September 20 @7pm

By Jack Karp
Directed by Melanie Moyer Williams

It is 1944 and Robert Oppenheimer and his brother, Frank, are frantically working to beat the Nazis to the nuclear bomb. With difficulties mounting and growing concern over his Communist associations, Robert has no time to think about the consequences of his “gadget.?But in 1945, when they finally see the power of their new weapon, the two men are torn apart in a battle over whether or not to use it, and Robert is forced to choose between his conscience and his ambition, his brother and his bomb.

Sunday, September 21 @7pm

By Crystal Skillman
Directed by Benjamin Kamine

Two teenagers embark on an impulsive motorcycle journey cross country. But what begins as two young activists naive defiance against their parents, high school, and you know, the whole gun-loving-politically unstable- human- rights -denying--globally-warming up by the second- screwed--up world!, soon becomes an eye opening adventure where Rain and Zoe discover that the true danger in this world might just be growing up ... and each other. Full of theatrical magic, Rain and Zoe is a race to regain the possibility of change in a world whose days are numbered without it ... no matter what the cost.

by Mia McCullough
Directed by Nancy Robillard

Featuring Elton Beckett, Kristin D. Carpenter, Matthew Murumba, Jenny Vallancourt, and Jennifer Dorr White

Performed February 20-March 9, 2014
The Theater at the 14th Street Y

A refugee from the Sudanese civil war attempts to adjust to cold weather, processed food, and a new life in Chicago.  A recently-widowed socialite and an African-American Deacon from the local Catholic parish try to help him embrace his new home and all its opportunity. But assimilation is not that simple and their efforts cause each of them to question their identity.  A look at American culture through the eyes of an African, SINCE AFRICA explores the tensions between blacks and whites, Africans and African-Americans, and the devout and the non-religious.

IDENTITY CRISIS:  A Benefit Concert

Featuring some of Broadway’s best talent!  

February 9, 2014 at Stage 72
158 West 72nd St. (between Amsterdam and Columbus Ave.).

The Red Fern Theatre Company presented Identity Crisis: A Benefit Concert on February 9th at 7pm at Stage 72 (formerly The Triad). The one night only event brought together some of Broadway and the entertainment industry’s finest artists performing songs identifying the ups and downs about who they are, what they have experienced, and how they got to where they are today.

 The concert featured the talents of:

Todd Adamson (Super Soldier)
Lacey Angerosa
Kennedy Caughell
(American Idiot)
Britney Coleman
Dana Costello
(Jekyll & Hyde)
J.D. Daw
(Forever Plaid)
Brandon Ellis
Danny Bacalao George
(Sister Act)
Chase Kamata
Ben Liebert
Elyssa Brette Mactas (CHIX 6)
Chris McCarrell
(Les Miserables)
Genny Lis Padilla
(Rent / In The Heights)
Patrick Pevehouse
(Wizard Of Oz)
Brian Charles Rooney
(Three Penny Opera/ Phantom Of The Opera)
Ben Roseberry (The Lion King / Rent)
Gabrielle Ruiz
(Evita / In The Heights)
Jose Sepulveda (Altar Boyz)  
Betsy Struxness (Matilda / Memphis)
Deborah Tranelli (Dallas)

The concert featured music from a variety of artists including Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Pasek and Paul, Jason Robert Brown, Drew Gasparini, Brandi Carilile, Randy Newman, and many more, as well as new music from the musical CARDBOARD CASTLES (Luanne Rosenfeld / Kristen Rosenfeld).

Red Fern held its first Developmental Week of Plays

The week of September 16-22 Red Fern hosted as many readings of new plays as we possibly could in our home down at the 14th Street Y.  Here's what we explored....

Book and Lyrics by Luanne Aronen Rosenfeld
Music by Kristen Lee Rosenfeld
Directed by Melanie Moyer Williams

Featuring Cicily Daniels*, Leah Horowitz*, Daniel K. Isaac*, Robby Johnson*, Anthony Lee Medina*, Max Perlman*, Sergi Robles*, Matt Shingledecker*, Scott Sowinski*, Shelley Thomas*, and Deborah Tranelli*

Monday, September 16 @ 7:30pm

CARDBOARD CASTLES is a contemporary "Upstairs Downstairs" musical about the occupants of a brownstone and their homeless neighbors.  Ten New Yorkers, bound by the past, struggle to find recognition, love and human connection.
*CARDBOARD CASTLES began as part of Red Fern’s production of HOME last season.

By Katie Bell
Directed by Elizabeth Flax

Featuring David Beck*, Christianne Greiert*, Shelah Marie, and DeSean Stokes*

Tuesday, September 17 @ 8pm

When the lights went out on New York City in the summer of 1977, widespread looting plagued the streets, but during the blackout of 2003, New Yorkers were relatively calm and there were few incidents of violence. Blackout '77 and Blackout '03 explore these two moments and how racial and class tensions both changed and remained the same over twenty-six years. A part of a developing larger work that will include an act devoted to the '65 New York City blackout and an act devoted to a blackout in the future, THE BLACKOUT PLAYS features four actors will play four different roles in four different eras of New York City.

By Garret Jon Groenveld
Directed by Dominic D’Andrea

Featuring Olympia Dukakis* and Alfredo Narcisco*

Wednesday, September 18 @ 7:30pm

Been unemployed too long? Welcome to a very special office of the Unemployment Bureau! Here you will work with two very special unemployment counselors to place you into a job today. It may not be a job you are qualified to do, or a job that's safe for anyone to do, but you will have to do it. Because if you can walk, you can work!

The play also concerns domestic terrorism, strippers and weaponized hummingbirds. Winner of the 2012 Global Age Project and the 2012 Internationalists Global Playwrighting Prize.

A play by Crystal Skillman
Directed by Sarah Krohn

Featuring Clea Alsip*, Sebastian Beacon*, Megan Hill*, Nick Lehane*, Jeanine Serralles*, and Liz Zazzi*

Thursday, September 19 @ 8pm

Guitarist Kit Singer returns to her childhood family home in Woodstock to reunite with her former band members ... her sisters she hasn’t seen in ten years. As the clock counts down to the concert honoring the anniversary of their rock legend mother’s suicide, old wounds are replayed, new wounds are laid down, unwelcome guests crash the party, and the songs keep spinning as Kit tries desperately to redeem herself in the eyes of the family she was so quick to leave behind and her niece Max who is her spitting, destructive image.

By Christine J. Schmidt
Directed by Christopher Diercksen

Featuring Dana Berger and Christopher Tocco* 

Friday, September 20 @ 7pm

Falling in the love for the first time is never pretty, especially when it's with a man on the run. After being left for dead, Francine tells the authorities about a summer of uncontainable passion, her unlikely new identity, and the dangerous man who may still have her heart.

By Anna Moench
Directed by RJ Tolan

Featuring Shyko Amos, DeVon Jackson, Erica Lutz*, Jared McGuire*, Chet Siegel*, Jonathan Randell Silver*, and Stephen Stout

Saturday, September 21  - 7pm

When a group of friends graduate from college, they decide to ditch the crappy job market, cramped 5th floor walkups, and their smart phones in favor of founding an isolated, freegan utopia in an abandoned house in the woods.  It’s going about as well as could be expected when something happens…something that very well could be the apocalypse. They'd know for sure, if only they could Google it.

By Mia McCullough
Directed by Nancy Robillard 

Featuring Kristin Carpenter, Samantha Merrick, Keith Randolph Smith*, Jenny Vallencourt*, Vladamir Versailles*, and Jennifer Dorr White*

Sunday, September 22 @ 7pm

A refugee from the Sudanese civil war attempts to adjust to cold weather, processed food and a new life in Chicago, with the help of an African-American deacon and a wealthy white socialite recovering from the death of her husband.  Since Africa was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Award. 

*Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

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